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Your Shooting Experience

Environmental Portrait or Couple Photo Shooting

Forget about regular studio shoots. We are not limited to a space with a few different backgrounds. Our studio can be anywhere.

I prefer nature as it offers the best backdrop and most natural light. The studio can also be your living room, or a rented location such as a castle or hotel. So-called "street shootings" are also particularly popular.

Become a model today

But the most essential elements first. Before the shooting we will have a personal meeting to get to know each other over a few cups of tea. We typically meet beforehand and roughly discuss the most important things. Such as the setting, the wardrobe, the makeup, as well as certain desired props such as cars, extravagant clothing or jewellery for example and of course the amount of time based on which package you prefer.

Depending on what is desired; whether fashion photos, single portrait shoots, boudoir photos, couple shoots, family portraits or shared photos with your pets, we have a laid-back overview of where the journey is going.

Your first step to become a model is to complete the form below and get in touch with me. I will come back to you by Email to arrange a meeting. 


"Had an incredible experience shooting with Marcus. His paparazzi style of photography is remarkable indeed. Highly sought after, amazing photographer, very meticulous and professional. I highly recommend If somebody wants stunning pictures."

Sophia, Model

Photo Shooting with young lady and sports car
Photo Shooting, young lady gets out of Lamborghini sports car
Portrait of Lady with cigarette. Cinemagraph


What is a cinemagraph shooting ?

Advertising often uses cinemagraphs to grab viewers' attention. A still image with added motion effects is known as a cinemagraph. For instance, have a look at the picture of the lady smoking a cigarette above.

You can build all sorts of effects into a cinemagraph and there are no limits to the wealth of ideas. One minor drawback is that since cinemagraphs must be stored as „gif“ or „video files“, you cannot hang them on the wall. However, your cinemagraph shines on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, where it will undoubtedly increase your followers. 

You can also combine your cinemagraph shooting with the classic shooting, but keep in mind that the cinemagraph takes a little more time. I look forward to your shooting request.


photo album in a box

Keep your memories in a luxury box including an album.

Beautiful moments are the best investments in life since they are stored in our memories, which is the one paradise we can never expelled from.

Victoria booked a full day with her horse and chose a lovely beach where we would have plenty of time till sunset to take some amazing pictures.

Paparazzi on boat, Marcus Posthumus,, hire a paparazzi and see your face on a magazine cover, magazine cover shooting, you on magazine cover, photographer, secret pictures, hidden images


Get your magazine cover shooting

Get your own magazine cover shoot

Get rid off boring pictures! What about a paparazzi style engagement photo story?  Being chased by paparazzi and see your picture in a magazine. As a former paparazzo I know how to do this job. This is one of my favourite shootings. I promise a session that you will surely never forget. This day is yours; hire a real paparazzo to make you feel like a star. 

There are two options for paparazzi photos. The typical approach is to sneakily take photos; you are aware of my presence, but you probably won't notice me. This is a perfect option for secret engagement photos for example.

The second variant is an open shooting, i.e. I photograph you in public with a flashlight. All people around will ask “Who's this?”.

We can also combine both variants, that's entirely up to you. At the end you will receive a series of paparazzi style shots and of course an A4 front page which you proudly can hang on your wall as free gift.

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See how regular people look in professional advertising photo shoot. 

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