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Models wanted, become a model today

Become a model today

Have you ever considered acting as a model? Just a few clicks will get you there. Take part in an unique photo session with a genuine celebrity photographer.

What about a calender or couple shooting? May you like a fashion shoot or just some family pictures. Bring your friends if you like and you will see how much fun it is. Of course, you may share your shooting on Facebook and Instagram as well.

All you need is to complete the form and I will get in touch with you soon. Before the shooting we will have a personal meeting to get to know each other over a few cups of tea. We typically meet beforehand and roughly discuss the most important things.
There are no costs for you up to this point. The meeting is free and a customer service on my part.


I'm interested in the following Photo Session (multiple choices posible)
Please tell me how you learned about us

Thanks for submitting!

Please check your email inbox and also the "Spam" folder, you should now have received a confirmation email from me. 

Regards, Marcus

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