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Become famous today

In reality, paparazzi images are only familiar to celebrities thanks to press rumor. 

This time your are the star, shot by a real paparazzo. Be famous on Instagram or Facebook, share your personal paparazzi story. The images are the same as those you are familiar with from magazines, as you can see in the example video of the couple I shot in Palma de Mallorca.

As an unique bonus, you also receive a custom cover to hang on your wall or simply post on social media. 

Get pursued and photographed by a real paparazzo!

Paparazzi Street Style | Secret Engagement | Paparazzi Wedding

I promise to you, this will be a photo session like no other. You've come to the correct spot whether you're looking for a covert paparazzi wedding, hidden engagement photos or a street style photo shoot.
I'll give you the best advise during a free, non-binding meeting, and together we'll create your personal paparazzi story.

If you like to learn more about what a paparazzi shoot entails, simply click the blog link below:

What exactly is a paparazzi photo shoot and how does the whole thing work?

Just a few clicks to your paparazzi shoot

Please feel free to get in touch with button below and I will then contact you by email and we will arrange a non-binding free meeting. Up to here it costs you nothing. This is a service to my clients.

Paparazzi shots are much more than just a few secretly taken photos. Your images must tell a story, just like a script. You're the actor; I'm the director.
Every paparazzi story is unique, and each person has different expectations for their photos.

Creating your Paparazzi Story

While having a few cups of tea, we will create your personal script. For instance, a couple might want to have their secret engagement proposal captured on camera, or a newlywed couple might want to have a few additional covert pictures taken after their wedding. However, it might also consist a story of extremely commonplace tales from daily life. It is important that our pictures convey a storyline.

As an illustration, let's say we stage your couple shooting as a love story. I follow you to a restaurant or coffee shop where you sit outside and hug, kiss, or do whatever. Then perhaps I'll take pictures while shopping or we'll stage a humorous scenario. Anything is conceivable. Creativity is limitless, and I will help you create stunning paparazzi moments.

A little hint. Photos that were taken covertly have a higher level of authenticity than frontal, direct shots. In most cases, unless otherwise requested, I will position myself somewhere with a telephoto lens and photograph you. With my lenses I can take pictures from a distance of up to one kilometer.

Your face on a magazine cover

After your paparazzi session you will be emailed a download link where you can download the photos in high resolution,  depending on which package you have chosen.
Your free magazine cover will be created by me a few days after the shooting, printed in A4 size. 

Depending on how far away you live, the framed cover will be sent to you by post or I will bring it to you personally.

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