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German Rock Band Boehse Onkelz performing on biggest stage in Europe at Hockemheimring in Germany.



The performance of German Rock Band "Böhse Onkelz" at the Hockenheim Ring in Germany in 2014 surpassed all records for concerts I have ever photographed over the years.

This time, instead of being a photographer in the pit of the stage, I was with 100,000 other like-minded fans and my smartphone camera. The atmosphere was incredible; to this day, I can still taste the beer, feel the charged air, and smell the fireworks.

The "Böhse Onkelz" not only performed on the biggest stage ever constructed in Europe, but they also beat their own record by building the biggest stage in the world a year later and performing in front of about 400,000 people over the course of four days.

james hettfield
robert trujillo


I was fourteen years old when I stood with friends in front of the Weser Stadium in Bremen / Germany to take a look at megastar Tina Turner through the barrier.
Suddenly a hand passed me a card through the fence and I could hardly believe my luck. I hid my small camera between my legs and smuggled it into the stadium. Well, with a 35mm lens I couldn't take any photos worth mentioning from that distance, but I vowed to myself that one day I'll take photos down there in the stage ditch.

Ten years later I photographed my first concerts. And actually a few years later I was standing in the same stadium in the stage pit and photographed Metallica.

Hurricane Festival
Indira Weiss - Bro' Sis
Morten Harket - Aha
Bryan Adams
Bryan Adams

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I love the tense moment right before the band takes the stage, similar to the moments just before a thunderstorm.
Then the stage is rocked by thunder, and flashing lights appear. The enthusiasm of the fans involuntarily spreads to me.
Every band and every musician exudes their own distinct vibe on stage.

It's this unbelievable atmosphere at concerts that immediately grabs me as a photographer and then creates images as if in a rush.

Music, Band Lordi get Gold disc for Hardrock Haleluja

LORDI get Gold disc in Germany for Hardrock Haleluja in 2006


We are constantly exposed to endless images because photos and videos have developed into a mass medium. All channels are continually flashing images and video at us.

In this sea of pictures, a skilled PR and press photographer needs to make his images stand out. His picture must be kept in mind. The brand can only be successfully positioned in this way.

Therefore, it's critical to establish the message before the shoot, identify the target audience, and, most importantly, understand the media for which the images are intended. Whether I take photographs for social media or a print campaign, it makes a significant difference.

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Kate Ryan

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I'm constantly seeking for new bands or singers who want professional band photographs.
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