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Art gallery Tom Cruise and Udo Lindenberg Large Scale Photographs


A veritable art industry for images has emerged in recent years in addition to traditional painting. The market for photographic art is expanding, and collectors are turning to it as a new source of investment.

Some photos earn in millions of dollars. For instance, the digitally altered 1999 painting "Rhein II" by Andreas Gursky, which sold for 3.1 million euros. Prices that are being paid for images today were previously only possible for some sorts of paintings. The industry is booming, and young, undiscovered performers are especially well-liked.

What, however, makes a photograph so valuable?

Large scale photographs for restaurants, bars and hotels


Those large-format photographs are of particular interest for hotels and restaurants, where they achieve their full effect in large rooms such as a lobby or lounge and can be used as a stylistic device to give the room a certain mood. Most of my pictures are in black and white, although I also offer colour photographs, these are more difficult to place because the colors have to be reflected in the ambience of the installation site.

All large formats are only produced individually on customer request and are limited to a certain number. A certificate of authenticity is provided with the artwork, guaranteeing its authenticity and limitation.

If you are interested in large-format photos, please contact me here by email. Large-format photographs are sold exclusively via direct email inquiries. Smaller sizes of certain photographs are available at my shop on Fine Art America, right here

Ocean Blue, large scale Photograph Marcus Posthumus

Thanks to Robin Schreiner for letting me use the image for the mockup

"Ocean Blue"

This is one of my favourite photographs. The ultramarine blue has gained notoriety since Yves Klein. Klein was fully committed to the color blue and he even claimed the pure blue of the sky. I have to admit that there is something enchanting, alluring, and hard to get rid of about the color blue. That's what happened to me on a hot July day on the cliffs of Mallorca's coast as I aimed my telephoto lens at the vast blue ocean and photographed the lonely sailboat against the blue sea.

Artwork size approx. 300 cm x 150 cm


When we talk about art, we can't ignore big, well-known artists. But one should not forget who inspired those famous artists and who pushed them to their creative work. Let's talk about the muses of well-known artists. One of them is Amanda Lear, whom I met in Saint Tropez at the time. Lear, herself a well-known painter, singer and presenter, was Salvador Dalí's muse.

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