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Wild Atlantic coast. Stormy day in Donegal

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

Helen Keller

The Majesty of Nature

Upcoming Thunderstorm, dark clouds over sea

Upcoming Thunderstorm at Trawalua Strand, Cliffony Co. Sligo. Just seconds after this images was taken, lightning flashed from the sky and I stood in the pouring rain, frantically trying to protect my equipment and flee into the nearby dunes.

Treasure Ireland (Island)

When I first came to Ireland I was overwhelmed by the landscape, the world's only light show in the sky with its patterns that change every minute. The power of nature was so impressive that I watched in awe as the clouds brewed and painted new pictures. No camera can capture the atmosphere of the charged air that prevailed at that moment and I said to myself, the people who live here must be the most happiest in the world.

Downpatrick Head, Co Mayo Ireland
Downpatrick Head

Downpatrick Head, in County Mayo, close to Ballycastle, is one of my favourite places. I adore this magnificent vista and the enormous "Dun Briste" rock. According to history, a severe storm cut off the land from the coast in 1393, and people were pulled to safety by ship ropes.
You can find me in the cave underneath the cliffs when the tide and the weather permit. This photo was taken with long exposure and edited afterwards. You can buy this photograph and choose your preferred size by clicking the shopping cart symbol.

Lone sailor on fjord in Ireland
Point Nemo

„Point Nemo“ in the Pacific Ocean is the loneliest spot on earth. The distance from the mainland or islands is approximately 2.600 kilometers in all directions from this location. On this planet, there is nowhere to run further. How it should be there, far from any nation and humanity, where the ISS astronauts are momentarily closer than everyone else on the world?

Unfortunately, this is also where the biggest burial of space junk is and the ISS will also go down here one day. Although this photo was really taken in the "Killary Fjord" in Connemara and not at „Point Nemo“, it symbolizes the luxury of solitude to me and „Point Nemo“ immediately came into my mind which is why I named this picture after it.

Ocean shore, County Slio Ireland
And there was light

Every time the sunlight breaks through the clouds, unique light patterns are created that sometimes seem surreal, as if an artist had painted them in the sky.
I could spend hours just sitting on the shore looking out to sea and watching the sky change and paint new pictures every few minutes.

Art Exhibition. Artwork called Freedom by Marcus Posthumus
Art Exhibition, Mullaghmore with Classiebawn castle
Spider webs in morning mist, Art Exhibition. Artwork
Spider web | Art exhibition

Connemara one early morning. Sunlight was just breaking through the mist when I spotted the spider web art exhibition. Every single net is a work of art in itself, made visible by the early morning dew and then becoming invisible again when the sun rises.

Art Exhibition, Artwork caled The old wise man, Doolin, Co Clare
Art Exhibition, Artwork calles Beware of the bull
Lone rower at sunset on Lough Easky, Co Sligo
Lone rower at sunset on Lough Easky, Co. Sligo
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