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Commercial & Corporate Photography

I offer corporate photography for both small and large companies.
From professional portraits for the business sector to interior photos and product photography.
I also design brochures, posters and leaflets or create your logo and business cards. You get all from one source.

For the increasingly importance of ​​social media, I would be happy to develop concepts for short advertising videos or meaningful photos with you.

Tom Davies eyewear at Zeiss Vision Store in Thun Switzerland.
REgular customer posing for professional photo shoot for optician.

New ways of marketing

Your customers as an advertising medium for your product

Set yourself out from the competition and pioneer break new ground when marketing your products.

During my stay in Germany, I established a very effective method of marketing for numerous clients, and I now provide this service in Ireland as well.

The idea is straightforward but brilliant. I'd want to demonstrate how it functions using an optician as an example.

product photography, advertising. Model with sports car.

Product Photography

I am also happy to be your partner to put your product in the right light.

Photos should arouse the needs of your customers, trigger feelings and stimulate desires.

Let's have a chat about your needs.

If necessary, I take over the booking of the models, the organization of the photo shooting up to the design of brochures, flyers, exhibition stands or any other kind of advertising.

Successful Story
In 2008 I met an interesting smart guy named Tom Davies. He was maybe just 35 years old I guess and was visiting Germany for advertising his idea of designing bespoke eyewear. 

At this time I was booked as a photographer for advertising a new optician shop and we had brief conversation.
I took a few headshots of him and images of his collection and was struck by his attention to detail and friendly demeanor.

Today it´s annual turnover is said to be around £10m and his customers include stars such as Ed Sheeran and Angelina Jolie.
Tom Davies, british bespoke eyewear designer
Construction, Industry and Enginering

The overwhelming presence of images and videos in the modern world is almost too much for consumers to comprehend. We are constantly exposed to many inputs. Making a business stand out from the crowd of photos is even more important. I offer visual solutions for companies looking to stand out and make an excellent first impression.

Mercedes Benz car production, Bremen Germany
Mercedes-Benz Bremen | Germany
Industrial Photography

Industrial photography requires an understanding of technology.

I was attracted by technology since I was a young child. Everything in my parents' household was disassembled and sometimes successfully reassembled.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that my technical knowledge inspired me to start learning electrical engineering in the subject of communication technology. I worked for Mercedes-Benz in my hometown Bremen in Germany for a couple of years and later shifted to my profession as a photographer.
Complex industrial plants might be difficult to photograph without a certain level of technological knowledge. For very sensitive production technology locations where people are not allowed, I utilize remote-controlled cameras.

I welcome queries from industries and the trades, as well as from smaller businesses who require excellent images but have tighter budgets. If necessary, I have a safe pass. 

I work nationally and internationally, no matter where your company needs photos.

Industrial Photography, robot in car production
Champions League Trophy at Koch & Bergfeld
Documentary Photography

Have you ever wondered where and how the Champions League trophy is made?

The most important trophy in European football is hand-made by Koch & Bergfeld in my hometown Bremen / Germany.

Maybe you want to show your customers how a certain product is made. I offer you photo and video documentation if you want to show your customers the manufacturing process of your product.

Airbus Beluga. Giant carrier aircraft loaded with two plane wings.
Big Pictures

Great photos of great things. No matter what dimensions you want to photograph, I look forward to your inquiry.

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