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Customer advertising campain. Woman wearing glasses
Normally, professional models are booked for a promotional photo shoot. That's how all the big brands do it.

My idea is to include your clients acting in the commercials as models. After having makeup done and professionally photographed, the customer looks like an advertising celebrity.
The final images will resemble the promotional images found in glossy magazines. 
In this particular instance, I was recruited by an optician to showcase the company's selection of eyewear. The pictures were afterwards shared on social media and put up inside the store as posters.

The young lady in the picture was a regular customer he had recruited for the advertisement shoot; she had no prior experience being in front of a professional camera. Likewise, the young woman in the photo below wearing sunglasses has never worked as a model before.
As you can see, the images featuring amateur models have the same aesthetic as expensive commercial images.
Customer present eyewear in professional photo shoot.

Let your customers present your products

Why should my client act as a model for advertising?

Advertising is expensive and not all companies have an advertising budget that can finance large campaigns. Particularly smaller businesses must make due with constrained advertising expenses. So how can you expand your range while exerting little effort? The key is your costumer himself.

You accomplish the following when you use your consumers as models for an advertising shoot:

They'll be pleased with the pictures and show them to their pals. Compared to other forms of advertising, word of mouth is the most effective.

They perform the role of an influencer and upload the pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites.

They will associate your brand with a favorable experience, strengthening the bond between you and your clients.

Young lady wearing sunglases. VisualCraic Photo Shoot for optician.
Young lady wearing sunglases. VisualCraic Photo Shoot for optician.
Young lady wearing sunglases. VisualCraic Photo Shoot for optician.
Young lady wearing sunglases. VisualCraic Photo Shoot for optician.
Young lady wearing sunglases. VisualCraic Photo Shoot for optician.

How does the customer advertising shooting work?

You know your customers best. See who is suitable for an advertising shoot and tell your client what you are planning. In most cases, the customers feel honored and are happy to take part in the advertising shoot.

If you were able to win a customer or even several for your advertising shooting, we will make an appointment. Before the shooting, we will talk about your priorities and the procedure. We talk about the outfits, the makeup, and any particular requests.

You should make a written agreement with the customer about the use of the photos and what they will get in return. If needed, I  can provide with a standard contract.

On the day of the shooting we meet at the agreed location, the customer models should already have their make-up done by a make-up artist. If you wish, I can organize a make-up artist or you know someone. A professional makeup artist is highly advised because everyday makeup is inappropriate for photographs.

Now it's up to me to photograph your product and your model in an effective way. Trust me I have around twenty years of experience and you can rest assured that your shoot will be a success. Because your success is also my success.

All you have to do now is complete the form and take the first step towards your new advertising campaign.

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