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Backstage Pass & Autograph Cards

Get your own Autograph Cards or Backstage Pass

In this short blog post I'm gonna show you, how to get a backstage pass or autograph cards and how does it look in a real backstage area. I splitted the text in sections, so you can jump to the topic of your interest.

Hen or Stag Party! Celebrity Wedding or Birthday Invitation

First of all, you don't need to be a celebrity to proudly display your backstage pass or have autograph cards. There are many reasons for having them.

Whether you're organizing a hen or stag party, a personalized backstage pass or crew pass would make a terrific gag gift for your friends and a treasured memento of an amazing evening.

How about a birthday invitation that has a backstage pass design? Or may you will celebrate a "Celebrity Wedding" where each guest receives a personalized crew pass, which will be a well remembered souvenir as well.

How to get your personal Backstage Pass or Autograph Cards?

Before we get into the secret of what it's like in a real backstage area and what to expect at a "After Show Party," I'll direct you to your personal backstage pass or autograph cards.

The easiest method to contact me is to fill out the form here. All I need is your name, email address, and other information, such as:

  • Are you looking for a backstage pass or autograph cards, or both?

  • Please let me know what type of event you need a backstage pass or autograph cards for. (Hen or Stag Party, Wedding, Birthday invitation or whatever)

  • How many passes or signature cards are needed?

  • Date of event

That's it for the start. I will then come back to you with a quote and will discuss what's needed to create your personal passes or cards.

All backstage passes are produced in Germany to ensure consistent, high quality and reliable delivery.

You will get a genuine backstage pass with quality printing in full colours on both sides on 250 g / sqm paper, laminated and punched in the format 6.7 cm x 9.9 cm or 8 cm x 11.1 cm. Price is identical for both formats.

Many offers on the internet, for example on Etsy, also offer backstage passes, but be careful, some of these offers only include a digital file to design the pass yourself; printing then adds time and skills in publishing software like photoshop or InDesign and, above all, costs.

At VisualCraic you will get anything from design, printing, laminating and delivering from one hand. Request a quote now!

Never underestimate the power of psychologic suggestion

In psychology we speak of suggestion when you manipulate the thoughts or actions of others. In our case we use visual manipulation. People tend to believe what they see. In this context, I would also like to recommend the following article to you:

I mean, imagine you play at a local football club and have your own autograph cards. This is quite unusual because no one has his own autograph cards, except you are pretty famous. But that's the point. Precisely because normal people don't sign their own autograph cards, it makes things interesting for outsiders. They believe that "He must be famous" based on what they observe.

Once when my team in Germany was on the anual team holiday in Mallorca, I made for each of the players a backstage pass and because I took the team photo and also the player portraits, I had a photo of each player, so everyone got his own pack of autograph cards.

When we were out in the clubs in the evening, some players started signing their autograph cards and giving them out to strangers. Soon more and more came and even though none of us were famous, the whole pack of fifty signature cards were empty after about an hour.

Of course some people realized that this was just a gag but it's all about the fun factor.

You can trust me when I say that when you pull out your autograph cards and begin signing them, total strangers will glance at you and wonder, "Who is that?" This moment is priceless. Of course, you can exaggerate things a bit and ask your friends to take photos with their smartphones, which will make things even more authentic.

My best buddy and I once enjoyed making our own signing cards for the upcoming "Oktoberfest in Munich". I shot pictures of us in my studio and we printed 100 cards for each of us.

While having our first Beer, we simply put out our pens and cards on the table and signed them for our friends. When other attendees saw this, they started wondering who the two "celebrities" were. Little by little, complete strangers came over and asked us for an autograph. At the end of the night we had distributed all the cards and had a lot of fun.

Signing Autograph Cards at Oktoberfest in Munich.
Me signing Autograph Cards at Oktoberfest in Munich / Germany

Of course, in the following weeks I also had to shoot and print autograph cards for my other friends and so everyone soon had one of the other's cards hanging on the pin board. It makes a big difference whether you have digital photos on your smartphone or can physically hold them in your hand as a real picture.

Maybe this “old school trend” will return one day.

Special offer for those who are from Ireland in Dublin / Kildare or Sligo / Mayo area:

Personal autograph cards photo shooting from 249 euros including 50 autograph cards. Send request!

What does it look like "Backstage"?

When we're talking about backstage passes, we also like to know what goes on behind the black curtain, what it looks like, and what happens there.

Everyone knows the coveted, laminated ID cards that the crew dangle around their necks at concerts. For particularly important guests there is the backstage pass or if you are very important you are lucky enough to get one of the coveted AAA passes. There are no longer any limits, you are basically God and have access to all areas. Of course it's quite impossible to get one of those passes once in your life time if you are not a close friend of a famous artist.

Since my job as a photographer allowed me to at least get close to the stage to take photos and also have access backstage or attending "After Show Parties", I was still denied the premier class, the AAA pass.

But what does it actually look like backstage? It is often not what you expect and might be rather boring.

There's a dining space where crew members may enjoy food and beverages, and occasionally there's a play area with a Playstation or table football. In rare instances, there is a "Meet & Greet" with the artist and fans who have won a meeting or time for an interview with magazines and newspapers. But normally artists themselves will come close to the start of the event.

The photos that follow show a backstage section of a common backstage area, in this case, a German music event.

The most holy - the artist's wardrobe

In very rare cases, as a photographer you even get access to the artists' wardrobe, like in my case when I visited the pretty girls from Mayor's Destiny.

The artists' wardrobes usually look quite plain. Depending on which artist it is, these wardrobes are equipped differently. Mostly a sofa, a table, stands for costumes, a mirror and a small finger food buffet as well as a fridge with drinks.

Mayor's Destiny
The girls from "Mayor's Destiny" in their Artist's Wardrobe.

The "After Show Party"

If you are lucky, you will be invited to the "After Show Party". This event is usually organized by the artist's label or event producer.

Many people believe that at these parties, everything revolves around sex, drugs, and rock and roll. But this isn't the case.

I wouldn't say there are no drugs or sex, but at the majority of parties I visit, you can enjoy music, meet lovely people, and get free drinks. In some situations, the artist did not even show up. Anyway, the beverages were free, the champagne was cold enough, and the party was a blast. You meet a lot of interesting people, and sometimes you even get to meet the artist.


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