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"The secret to success is to deviate from the standard."

Meet celebrity photographer Marcus Posthumus


Have you ever considered acting as a model? Just a few clicks will get you there.

Take part in an unique photo session with a genuine celebrity photographer.

What about a calender or couple shooting? May you like a fashion shoot or just some family pictures. Bring your friends if you like and you will see how much fun it is. Of course, you may share your shooting on Facebook and Instagram as well.

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Become a model today

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VisualCraic People & Portrait Photography

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Get your magazine cover shooting

Get your own magazine cover shoot

Get rid off boring pictures! What about a paparazzi style engagement photo story?  Being chased by paparazzi and see your picture in a magazine. As a former paparazzo I know how to do this job. This is one of my favourite shootings. I promise a session that you will surely never forget. This day is yours; hire a real paparazzo to make you feel like a star. 

There are two options for paparazzi photos. The typical approach is to sneakily take photos; you are aware of my presence, but you probably won't notice me. This is a perfect option for secret engagement photos for example.

The second variant is an open shooting, i.e. I photograph you in public with a flashlight. All people around will ask “Who's this?”.

We can also combine both variants, that's entirely up to you. At the end you will receive a series of paparazzi style shots and of course an A4 front page which you proudly can hang on your wall as free gift.

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Robert Trujillo  Metallica, concert photography, music, bands

On Stage

Robert Trujillo | Metallica


I enjoy it wild and noisy, but I also like it dark and foggy. The next second it's bright daylight, heat from fireworks comes across and the rays of the headlights are fighting their way through the milky air.

The ideal setting for blatant concert shots is here. Experience has taught me to react instantly to changing light conditions. Good concert images are fueled by feelings, by the musicians' expressions and the energy on stage. You have to feel that moment.

As a music & concert photographer, I have to foresee the situations on stage, guess what's about to happen and then capture the moment at the right second with the exact exposure and aperture.

Shot by Shot


Large Format Photopgraphs

I provide both limited-edition, large-format images with an edge length of one to two meters for collectors, hotels, and restaurants, as well as smaller forms for individual clients.

All large-format images are created as premium composites, which are currently the most difficult and pricey method of duplicating images. It may take three weeks to complete a project.



Image Editing | Retouching | Manipulating

Working two decades in media, I am speaking from experience when I advise never to believe a picture that you haven't created yourself. The majority of editing consists of just removing undesirable elements from the image, such as people in the backdrop. However, you may go beyond this and completely alter the image to tell a different tale. That's what happens in the media every day. Even not showing the whole picture can change it's statement. 

I do all kinds of image editing and manipulation, specializing in beauty retouching, but I can also turn an old, black-and-white photograph into a colorful one. Photoshop opens up all possibilities.

The slider above lets you see what photo editing can look like. Who was really on the yacht with George Clooney? One person was subsequently added to the photo. Can you find out who it is?

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Event Photography on another level

You've come to the right place if you're seeking for an event photographer with plenty of expertise and fingertip sensitivity who knows how to operate quietly and virtually unnoticed.

For about twenty years, I have documented happenings across Europe through photography. These consist of different TV programs, fashion displays, trade shows, sporting events, corporate events, gala evenings, and private gatherings.


As a former paparazzo, I have the advantage of knowing how to operate practically undetectable in order to avoid interfering with the process.

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