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Miss Germany final, crowd of photographer
Miss Germany

Event Photography

Meerkat skills requiered

Event photography is a bit more than just capturing memorable moments during a wide variety of important occasions, like large public gatherings, corporate events, galas, award ceremonies, TV shows and music festivals or fashion shows. It begins with careful planning, explicit agreements and a briefing.

As a professional event photographer, it is important to fully meet the needs of the client and at the same time to keep the overall picture.

Anyone who has ever observed a meerkat knows what I mean. Always be alert, letting your eyes roam attentively, anticipating situations and especially capturing the unexpected moments. Always be ready for anything.

Model wearing clothes made of chocolate on Lambertz Night

Lambertz Chocolatier 

Hire an Event Photographer straight away

We will schedule a meeting to go over your specific needs. In my experience, many clients already have very specific ideas about the photographs they want. If the location is already fixed, I will try to visit the spot in advance to get a feel for the area.

Upon request, we will compile the "most wanted photographs" into a "shot list", we also talk about "product placement" or some additional service like "just-in-time-print" or "image branding". In the end I tailor a specific service to suit your requirements.

Make the first step and send your request!

Ferrari cars parked in a row

Abu Dhabi | UAE

How much does it cost ?

Because every event is different from the next, so are the prices. It depends on the projected number of attendees, the venue, and the services needed for the event. 
Please send me a request without hesitation, and I will respond to you by email as quickly as possible.
I place a lot of value on the initial personal meeting, which will allow us to get to know one another and go over all the necessary topics. We can then gather all the necessary information throughout the talk, and I will give you a quote that is based on your requirements and expectations.

Young lady offering drinks on Business event

Corporate Event Photography

For me, reliability and perfection come first. In addition to the customary German thoroughness, I'm known for my humor, friendliness and rather reserved way of working. I prefer to stay in the background and work inconspicuously. My objective is to provide the greatest possible coverage of your event while infusing each photograph with my distinct sense of aesthetics and style.

Let's work together ! Get in touch for a quote and a quick chat about your needs.

Robbie Williams touching pregnant woman

Robbie Williams at "Wetten dass ..."

TV Shows

I have captured nearly all popular and successful TV shows in Germany throughout the years.

The appropriate tools are essential in this situation. My bright, high-quality telephoto lenses with focal lengths of 500 mm/f4 and 800 mm/f5.6 were advantageous in this situation because the photographers' locations were usually faraway from the stage.

Send me an inquiry if you're searching for a skilled, experienced and liable photographer who is comfortable working in challenging lighting conditions.

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